Sing to the Lord a new song

Today we live in an age when it seems like everyone has access to every kind of music ever produced. It has never been easier to experience and consume music of all different types. But it is becoming increasing rare for people to actually sing. Church is one of the only places left where we are create our own musical experience. Singing has been part of the human experience for thousands of years and we continue that experience at Trinity on Sunday mornings.

Music is part of who we are and so music is part of how we worship God. We sing hymns that span centuries. We could sing a hymn whose text written before 400AD and a few minutes later, we could sing a hymn written in our lifetime. Every time we sing it is a new thing, a unique expression of our love and our gratitude for the gifts that God gives us. These hymns may have been written long ago and they may reflect different musical styles, but every time we sing them, they become our song.

choirwindow1At Trinity, we give thanks that some people have been given greater gifts of music, and through our choirs we provide a way for those gifts to flourish. The choir helps lead our singing, and the choir helps lead our worship by ornamenting and bringing greater beauty to our services. Our choir also leads us in special events such as our annual Fauré Requiem Eucharist on the first Sunday of November and occasional choral evensong throughout the year.

Trinity also partners with outside musical groups to provide an excellent venue to enjoy incredible music. See our page on musical partnerships for more information on programs and events