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best electric guitar for versatility

November 30, 2020

There’s the choice of pickups, strings, dimensions, and of course, the amplifier you pair it with. Finish: Gloss My Review: Since Ibanez first broke onto the scene back in 1957, they have taken an unorthodox path to become one of the leading producers of electric guitars in the world. The Artcore AF55 is a classic example of this, employing maple for the top, back and sides, bound rosewood with pearl dot inlays for the fingerboard, and their signature set-in mahogany neck known for promoting fast playing. Whether you are playing through a tube amp stack or recording straight into your interface, the Nashville Tele will provide you with gorgeous tones to color your songs. ... Not the most versatile tonally. The bridge is where this model differs from the stereotypical Telecaster. Fingerboard: Rosewood Body Wood: Alder Hardware, Electronics, and Controls: Unsurprisingly, Mark Tremonti’s own signature S pickups are installed on the guitar. The fingerboard is made from maple. These strings are usually popular amongst melodic guitarists who play less aggressively. Whether you want to drape your tone in heavy distortion, bathe it in reverb or go psychedelic by adding modulation, the Professional American Telecaster will suffice. Ebony is another hugely popular choice for electric guitar fretboards. The Fender-built Classic Vibe ‘70s Strat, however, deserves these accolades. Hardware, Electronics, and Controls: A pair of Fender-designed Wide Range Humbucking pickups give this Classic Vibe Telecaster a uniquely rich tone, that screams 70s rock n’ roll. Over the years, there have been multiple variations of the Strat. This type of wood is commonly found on affordable guitars, due to its ability to rival more expensive materials like maple or mahogany. Neck: Mahogany For the neck, they chose maple with a smooth gloss urethane finish, in the standard U shape. Bottom Line: Further proof that quality solidbody guitars don’t have to cost a small fortune, the ESP LTD 256FM combines high-end materials, solid construction, classy appearance, and a sharp tone. Designed and produced by Fender, it’s no surprise that the tone matches up to the original models. These mechanisms are the reason we can enjoy amplified guitar, so their pivotal role cannot be overstated. The pickups are Fender-designed Alnico single-coils, producing the revered Strat twang. They are employed for their comfort, with an oval shape that accommodates many playing styles. Although it’s a relatively new instrument, it’s here to stay. There’s the sixties-style SlimTaper neck that plays exceptionally fast and is bound to bring out the best in your flashy solos. Yamaha has used all of their decades of expertise to craft this instrument. Finish: Gloss Neck Shape: Slim Taper When you dissect an electric guitar, it’s a very simple instrument. Pearloid dot inlays complete the vintage look of the guitar. With unique controls including two split circuits for rhythm and lead playing, it has all of the qualities required for heavy styles of playing. Hardware, Electronics, and Controls: A pair of Epiphone-designed ProBucker humbucking pickups are positioned on the bridge and neck of the Les Paul Custom. Pickup selectors are also commonly included. That’s why Fender designed a commendable tribute model with the Squier Classic Vibe 70s offering. There are various types of maple which all have different grains, such as flame maple and quilted maple. Fret Count: 22 The C shape neck is made from maple, and a rosewood fingerboard supports energetic styles of playing. My Review: Another of Gibson’s world-renowned original designs, the Gibson SG  is a total rock and roll machine. Used commonly in a guitarist’s formative periods, they must be able to experiment with different tones to gain a greater understanding initially. They produce a higher output than single coils but don’t quite reach the levels achieved by humbuckers. Neck: Maple Pickups: Fender Humbuckers. Fret Count: 24 Pickups: Diamond Plus Humbuckers. Some are even battery-powered, making them ideal for off-the-cuff performances or busking. Depending on the style of guitar that you play, you will need to choose strings with a certain gauge. Neck Shape: “C” The harder form originates in Canada and the USA and is frequently used for guitar necks because of its robustness and durability. The satin finish adds a glossy touch to the instrument. Body Shape: Single Cut Pickups: Alnico II Humbuckers. These imperfections and changes may seem like negative aspects, but in reality, they are responsible for the unique sounds that each type of wood produces. Guitar strings are generally made from composite metal, and each variety has different specifications. buying guide at the bottom of the page here. It was responsible for the rise of rock n’ roll and all of the sub-genres that branched out from it. Providing unrivaled value for money, this electric guitar feels solid and robust. The ES PRO version stays true to this blueprint, with Alnico Classic Pro pickups providing the output. There’s something about the Tele tone that lends itself perfectly to most effects, and for that reason, it’s a rarity amongst electric guitars. Bottom Line: The beautiful thing about Fender Telecasters is that due to the long history of production, there are many variations to choose from. Bottom Line: The Artcore range is arguably Ibanez’s greatest achievement to date, offering premium hollow-body guitars at fair prices. Electric guitars go hand in hand with amps. My Review: Epiphone’s ES-335 PRO is a celebration of the classic model that has been a popular guitar since its first production back in 1958. Body Wood: Alder There are subdivisions to U-shaped necks, which are categorized by the year that they were made. It’s capable of producing both the quacking tone that the guitar is famous for in addition to the smooth glassy tone that sounds so great for rhythm guitar. With dual-open coil humbuckers, a three-way selector, tone and volume pots, and a stop-bar tailpiece, the LPII comes very close to the original tone. Neck: Maple As we previously covered, the components that are fitted on the electric guitar itself largely impact the sound it produces. Ideal for heavy riffs, crunching chords, or smooth melodic treble leads, this signature model is versatile. They also touched up the appearance with retro finishes and added a classic logo for authenticity. The space in between the grains in wood plays a large role in shaping the sound it produces. Bottom Line: PRS and Mark Tremonti combine to create a killer guitar that is brimming with attitude. Build Materials: With a solid poplar body that is finished with gloss polyurethane, a C shaped maple neck that is smooth underhand, and a high-end Indian Laurel fingerboard, you’d be forgiven for thinking this Stratocaster was genuinely from the 1970s. $1500 for a full blow, USA made, Gibson electric guitar is a pretty incredible value. Build quality and attention to detail places the DK24 above much of the competition. By the 1960s, the electric guitar had established itself as one of the most popular musical instruments both for recordings and live performances. Fret Count: 22 Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a high-quality electric guitar at an affordable price, there are few better options than this Gretsch solid-body. Build Materials: With a two-tone body color scheme made from basswood and stained with walnut on the back and sides, the G5425 has the appearance of a guitar you’d expect to be significantly more expensive. Although this method is still preferred by many for the “true” sound it results in, nowadays, you can simply purchase an audio interface, hook it up to your laptop, plug the guitar straight into the direct input, hit record, and have a finished take in minutes. Neck Shape: Thin “U” Hardware, Electronics, and Controls: Creating the classic Les Paul tone while keeping the costs down isn’t an easy task, but Epiphone has produced a valiant effort. My Review: The RevStar RS420 is one of Yamaha’s best electric guitars, with its unique tone and comfortable playability. The guitar you choose will interact differently with each amplifier, and when you consider pedals, the whole mixture needs to be compatible to create the tones you’re aiming for. Finish: Gloss Fender Player Stratocaster (Best Under $1000), 3. Known for its versatility, classic warm tone, and exceptional playability, this electric guitar is a joy to behold. Effects pedals have conventional orders which make them work to the best of their ability, although sometimes exploring new ways of positioning them can yield impressive results. These pickups are specifically voiced for each position, so you can tailor the output by selecting the bridge, middle, or neck. It can be turned ... Read more25 Best Electric Guitars … Authentically warm and full of character, these pickups are a very interesting addition. Finish: Gloss The appearance is unique and instantly recognizable.

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