Trinity CalendarTrinity Church is here to worship God. There are as many ways to worship God as there are people, and at Trinity we seek to offer people many ways to express their thanksgiving and their prayers. The most visible sign of our worship of God is in our public services.

At the center of our worship is the celebration of the Holy Eucharist on Sunday morning. In this celebration, the people of God are gathered around the Table of the Lord

  • to listen to the word of Holy Scripture
  • to offer our prayers and concerns to God, and
  • to share in Holy Communion, the Sacrament by which we are united to Christ.

We believe that Christ is fully present in the Bread and the Wine, and we give thanks that God comes to be among us. Fed by this Holy Communion, we are nurtured and sustained in our lives, and we are empowered by grace to go out into the world and build the Kingdom of God.

Throughout the week, we gather for prayers in the morning and on Tuesdays at 10am for a quiet celebration of the Holy Eucharist.