Partnership Update 6 1

June 17, 2015

The partnership committee has been meeting every two weeks to continue the conversation. Our goal has been to bring all of the concerns and comments together to see if this partnership really makes sense for both parishes. In part, we have been working to address the concerns to improve the benefits we might each enjoy by working more closely together.

At this point, we have focused closely on the way we might organize the administration of the two parishes and the way that the finances might be structured. The attached charts and tables reflect this work.

In general, we tried to keep things simple, in terms of both the organization and the finances. Operating under the principle that both institutions should maintain their independence, we tried to keep the overlap to a minimum. Only the rector, the priest associate, and the parish administrator would have responsibilities to both parishes. All other positions would continue as they have in the past. Similarly on the financial side, we anticipate that both parishes would continue to have separate accounting systems. And shared costs would simply managed by sending each other checks.

There are several issues that we are still working to address. The most important of these is, of course, the Sunday schedule. We welcome any and all ideas that you all might have.

One of the questions that we have often received is the amount of our endowments and the resources that each parish would be bringing to the partnership. Trinity’s endowment stands at about $2.2 million and St. Helena’s endowment $553,000.

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