Partnership Update 3 15

March 19, 2015

Thanks again for everyone who took part in the open meeting last Sunday. There was a lively exchange and a lot of possibilities and issues were raised. The general idea that we are working with is that there would be one priest across the two parishes and, in order to ensure that the one priest is not stretched too thin, there would be a full time parish administrator. This would enable our priest to focus more closely on pastoral care. Most of the concerns revolved around how financial resources would be divided and allocated. There was also a concern about how the financial arrangement would affect reporting relationships and how these two positions would divide their support of the two parishes.

Underlying all of these concerns was a question about how exactly Trinity would benefit from this arrangement. Some people spoke about how a high quality professional might revitalize our administration which would be a significant benefit. There were also several requests to increase the amount of communication regarding the process and the discussion. This announcement is intended to address that concern in part, as is the piece in the newsletter, and a new page on our website. These should be coming out later this week.

This Tuesday, the partnership committee met at St. Helena’s. T who were intimately involved in the decisions leading up to St. Helena’s independence (Dick Jackson, Gail Street, Dick Billiter) were also there to provide some additional historical context for the discussion. Our goal was to look into the history to see if there was anything that would be a barrier to our proceeding forward with this conversation. In the end, we did not see anything that prevented us from moving forward.

All in all, I believe that these have been excellent meetings. The purpose at this point is to have a conversation about this idea, not to decide anything. There are two important things that that I hope people take away from last Sunday’s meeting: (1) we are not trying to merge these two communities; and (2) any kind of arrangement must make Trinity better off than it was before, both financially and spiritually. These are essential to any sort of partnership. I hope that this conversation continues, and please do not hesitate to speak to me or any members of the committee (Anita Stuart, Jeff Kittross, and Steve Peters).

Thank you again.

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