Godly Play

GODLY PLAY is a program of worship and faith formation for our youngest members, ages 3-11. Unlike the church school that our parents knew, Godly Play is grounded in the Montessori tradition of exploration, discovery and play. Trinity’s Godly Play classrooms are safe, supportive, child-sized, hands-on environments that are well-equipped with three-dimensional story props, a wide array of art supplies and enrichment materials, as well as a lending library of storybooks available to the children for reading at home.

Children’s ideas, opinions and gifts are deeply respected here and children are loved and honored for themselves. When children enter a Godly Play classroom they find themselves surrounded by the sacred stories of the Old Testament, New Testament stories of the Christian faith, Jesus’ Parables and the Sacraments. It is in this place, so rich in story and symbol, that the children become part of God’s stories themselves.

Maria Montessori showed that children learn best when they use all their senses. In Godly Play children hear and see, smell and taste, touch and build, dance and sing. They wonder; they feast; they play. They come close to the meaning of God’s presence in their lives and they learn to trust in a gracious God who is real and accessible to everyone.

Godly Play, J2A (Sunday School) is held on Sundays at 10:15 am in the Parish House.