Ike Sturm Jazz Ensemble to play Vespers at Trinity Church, May 20

March 30, 2012

Ike Sturm Jazz Ensemble to play Vespers at Trinity, May 20

Trinity Episcopal Church in Lenox, a well-known venue for sacred and secular musical experiences, will present a Jazz Vespers service played by the Ike Sturm Jazz Ensemble at 5 p.m. on Sunday, May 20. These musicians play regularly at Lincoln Center and St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in New York, where Sturm is “jazz pastor” (http://saintpeters.org/jazz). St. Peter’s has maintained a jazz ministry for decades, distinguishing it as a welcoming and open place of worship.

Sturm’s jazz brings together creative musical exploration with the quest to hear God’s voice in new ways. According to Rev. Dr. Randall K. Wilburn, interim rector of Trinity, the Jazz Vespers entwines music and worship in new ways. “Jazz changes and grows, like our experience of God. Jazz Vespers will bring a new dimension to Trinity’s traditional Romanesque chancel, gorgeous stained glass windows and richly carved wood. When people come together here for Jazz Vespers, they will be renewed.”

The Ike Sturm Jazz Ensemble’s “Jazz Mass” received 4-1/2 stars as one of Downbeat Magazine’s “Best of 2010.” His original music draws on the traditions of Duke Ellington, John Coltrane, Miles Davis and Thelonious Monk. The ensemble just returned from touring three Scandinavian countries.(http://www.ikesturm.com ).

Jazz Vespers is part of Trinity’s outreach to the community. “Our usual Outreach efforts focus on providing services or funds to our neighbors in need,” says Gail Street, long time chair of the Trinity’s outreach committee. “The Jazz Vespers lets us to share a spiritual gift.”

Reggie Cooper, Trinity’s senior warden, points out that “jazz is an expansion of Trinity’s musical footprint in the Berkshires. We hope to attract people who have never been here for a classical concert or more traditional service.”

“We hope people will come to Jazz Vespers from all segments of the community, regardless of their beliefs or affiliation with a religious organization. Music can speak to all of us, each in our own dialect,” says Wilburn.

The Jazz Vespers service is fully funded by the Trinity congregation, so offered at no cost to those who attend.

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