About the Project

We believe that everyone should be able to fully participate in everything we do at Trinity. The completed project will create an integrated campus with fully accessible, carefully restored buildings. With new life in our buildings and campus, we will be better able to do our work in the congregation and in the community.

There are three main parts to the project:

Restoration and Preservation – $186,100

  • Repoint the west wall of the church
  • Replace copper flashing and broken missing tiles on red slate roof
  • Repair stones and masonry on rectory porch

Accessibility & Campus Revitalization – $168,100

  • Ramp access to the Parish House
  • Regrade parking on Kemble Street with increased parking
  • Graded walkway from the Choir room
  • Redesigned pathways and campus with new off street parking

Preserving our Musical Heritage – $151,800

  • Modernize and improve the blower for the organ
  • Restore and repair leather fittings on organ blower
  • Restore and modernize the bells and chimes

The total expected cost will be about $506,000.