Covenant with St. Helena’s Chapel

The Episcopal Church in Lenox

Two Congregations working in partnership

Covenant Bar
sthelenaschurch (1)Since the beginning of 2016, St. Helena’s Chapel and Trinity Church have begun working in partnership together. The two churches in Lenox have a long history together, but for many years we have worked independently. At this point in the life of these two congregations, we have found a new way to preserve our distinctive voices while collaborating more effectively.

In this partnership, Trinity and St. Helena’s commits

  • to work together in the service of the Gospel;
  • to share ordained leadership;
  • to share responsibly and generously our resources in the spirit of abundance;
  • to care for each other’s communities so that we may model God’s love for all God’s children; and
  • to explore opportunities for fruitful collaboration between both congregations of the Episcopal Church in Lenox.

MeditationMeadowPractically, this means that the two congregations share a priest and share a parish administrator. We have also agreed to collaborate for mission and outreach, and we remain open to new ways that we can work together.

St. Helena’s Chapel is located at 245 New Lenox Road in Lenox. We have a service of Holy Eucharist at 9am on Sunday morning. The Chapel also maintains 22 acres of pristine meadow land open for reflection and meditation.