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tineco pure one s12 pro ex review

November 30, 2020

For me this is a massive benefit that results in me using the vacuum more. Haven’t tried Hulu yet? The Tineco Pure One S12 is one of the most unique cordless vacuums we've ever tested. Tineco PURE ONE S12 Smart Vacuum Cleaner review. Tineco Pure One S12 review: This smart vacuum has a big LCD screen, tonnes of accessories and automatically adjusts power based on the level of dirt. All of this data is right on this little LED display, and from this information, you have a complete and thorough understanding of what it is that the S12 is doing. FLOOR ONE S3 HOT. I found it was just the right size for me, at 5-foot-6-inches, to use comfortably. Upgrade your cleaning routine with the Tineco Pure One S12 PRO EX cordless stick vacuum. These data points are used to give you a significantly better understanding of the different processes that the technology you are using engages in, as well as the different variables for those processes. Using Smart Technology, you have more direct control over the individual processes of a tool or device, and this direct control allows you to control the specifics of how it does what it does, making it significantly easier to get that technology to do the things that you want it to do, in the way that you want the technology to do it. This year, Tineco has upped the ante, with a premium-grade offering of its own that takes on Dyson’s flagship V11 vacuum head-on. Far from it, vacuum cleaners have to take into consideration things like the amount of suction being used, the dirt and dust that is being sucked into the vacuum, energy usage, and things of that nature. So, vacuum cleaners are interesting because, in many ways, they are very simple. Replies to my comments The S12 just bested all the vacuums I’ve had including our Dyson Animal. The Tineco PURE ONE S12 cordless vacuum is conveniently sized, measuring 33 inches x 15 inches x 6.6 inches. In 2018, Tineco’s A10 Hero Cordless Vacuum served as a sort of budget-friendly Dyson alternative. A sticker on the mount shows you how to do it. It features iLoop smart-sensor technology that detects hidden dirt and adjusts the suction power accordingly. The weight is up at the handle which makes it easier to carry from room to room. A few of the accessories have built in extension or deployable bristles. Right before we dive into the Tineco Pure One S12 and what it offers, we’re going to define what “Smart Technology” is. Track your cleaning progress, check for malfunctions, and get real-time updates and reports from the palm of your hand. No one tests vacuum cleaners like we do. Tineco did something very cool when it comes to filters. You’ll actually find that it’s possibly too easy, but ends up being nice that there isn’t a ton of resistance on your finger. The latest models in the Tineco line of cordless sticks include the A11 Hero and the A11 Master. $499.99 Shop now. The Best Right Now Buying guides for every category; Deals Price drops on products we love; Award Winners Some of our favorite things; How-Tos Caring for … The key takeaways is that you should be prepared to empty the bin frequently both because it’s small and because you may find yourself vacuuming more often. It is very light, and it is very easy for you to pick it up and move it around. Most of the touted features fall into their Smart nomenclature. Things like thermostats, sound systems, window washers, and, of course, vacuum cleaners. The Tineco PURE ONE S12 EX is a smart, ultra-powerful cordless stick vacuum, loaded with features and accessories to easily handle the biggest cleaning jobs with ease. First they provided a additional pre-filter, and second they’ve included an attachment that lets the S12 clean the dirty pre-filter. Smart Technology is a type of technology – or, rather, a set of technologies – that are dedicated towards doing a few things. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Tineco Cordless Vacuum Cleaner PURE ONE S12 Handheld Stick Vacuum Smart Suction, Digital Display Screen 500W Rating Power App Controls High Suction Power Carpet & Hard Floors at The A11 Hero is a high performance cordless vacuum featuring a 450W motor and up to 120W of suction power for deep, thorough cleaning on any floor surface. Tineco Pure One S12 Plus - Reviews, Prices, Specs and Alternatives . The S12 looks much like the other stick vacuums in Tineco’s product line. And, it is also their most revolutionary vacuum cleaner, and one of the first vacuum cleaners to fully utilize the principles of Smart Technology, and these technologies are used to make the entire process of vacuuming and cleaning your home, using this vacuum, significantly easier and more efficient. Shop for the Tineco Pure ONE S12 Plus / S12 Pro EX Smart Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, Optimized Ultra Powerful Suction & Long Runtimes, Excellent for Multi-Surface & Pet Hair Cleaning with LED Hard Floor at the Amazon Home & Kitchen Store. The PURE ONE S12 comes equipped with a display and allows adjusting suction depending on cleaning tasks. Here’s a dirty filter installed in the cleaning tool. It looks very similar to that stick vacuum, it offers many same basic attachments and tools, and it also offers the same suction power. Here’s that same filter about 60 seconds later. Multi-tasker power brush (direct-drive LED), Easy to steer and navigate under and around obstacles, Auto mode works well and the manual adjust is there when needed, Dustbin is small and needs to emptied frequently, Wall station does not have places for all the included attachments, A stand-alone battery charger for users without hanging space. Most vacuums are loud and in my experience they also have high pitched whines. More specifically, automating certain processes, such as that of vacuuming. Tineco’s Pure One S12 is a sleek, attractive, noise-reducing smart vacuum that offers extraordinary suction capabilities and very healthy battery life. And finally, Smart filter self cleaning which lets you use the vacuum to clean its own filters. The brush head has been fitted with brushes designed for both hard and soft surfaces, and this is something that is also very useful. Hopefully you have a wall outlet nearby as it’s required. We are going to dive further into these definitions, later in this buying guide. You’ll know it’s properly docked because the LED panel on the vacuum will spring to life and show the charging status. The other a… Download the app today, and discover the true power of the PURE ONE S12! Imagine the dander, dust, and other particles this vacuum will pick up, and all it expels is clean fresh air. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. SMART HAIR DRYERS. At the rear of the vacuum there are two button releases. When it’s a GoDonut. There’s also the Tineco Pure One which comprises high-end stick vacuums. consumer rating = 91/100 Tineco cordless vacuums are becoming more and more popular, and they are big sellers on Amazon. As you vacuum, you can just glance at the little screen, and then you’ll know what the vacuum is doing, what’s going on, and how much battery life you have left. ... TO BECOME A TINECO INSIDER Canada. When taking PURE ONE S12, you deserve advanced cleaning experience by connecting to Tineco App. SMART WET DRY VACUUMS. It’s composed of three components: the main body—which consists of the handle, a digital display, and a 0.6-liter dustbin—the tube, and the brush/tool attachment. With Smart Technology, you have access to those data points, which gives you significantly more understanding over what the vacuum cleaner is doing at that particular moment, but along with that, you are able to automate various other processes. Maybe it’s been my brand choices in the past, but I’ve had models from Hoover, Electrolux and our current Dyson and they’re all loud enough that I almost want earplugs. Price: $599 At £499, this flagship model is £100 cheaper than the Dyson V11 Absolute , but looks similarly futuristic. Using a motor that provides up to 150W of power, which is a lot for a lightweight cordless vacuum such as this one, you can vacuum on any surface, and you won’t have any issues doing this. Circling the entire face is the dust monitoring loop which turns from blue to red according to the dust levels. By Alex Birch / July 29, 2019 July 29, 2019 / Reviews / Home and Kitchen, Vacuum / Leave a Comment. Probably not a bad thing. Now, Smart Technologies are quite fascinating, but a little hard to define, since the concept itself is fairly broad and open-ended. The wall mount works well, and having a second battery hanging out fully charged is super handy for any extended cleaning sessions. The Moosoo stick vacuum creates a high speed rotating airflow to remove particulates from air. As luck would have it the Tineco Pure One S12 Smart Vacuum Cleaner showed up for review. The Tineco Pure ONE S12 cordless stick vacuum is a 2-in-1 model with smart integration, like wifi-connectivity, an LED display and smart suction. Tekto Gear Romeo folding pocketknife review, Nixplay 9.7-inch Metal Smart Photo Frame review, The Gadgeteer team’s top 5 review items that we’d buy again (Part 4), Get a notification every time your mailbox opens using the Ring Mailbox Sensor, When is a donut not a donut? It's also easy to check malfunction in the App. Or, more specifically, it is a way of looking at the data that Smart Technologies are producing, and these Smart Technologies are the various sensors that have been placed all around the vacuum. Right on the top of the vacuum, by the handle, there is a small LED display. The Tango EX Stick Vacuum offers much of what the Tineco Pure ONE S11 offers. PURE ONE S12 truly transits from traditional, functional device to a smart one. On this display, you can see the amount of dust that is going into the vacuum, the energy usage, power mode, as well as any alerts or previous malfunctions. It has a user interface that lets you know how much battery … As Smart Technologies become more and more popular, they have found their way into all kinds of different tools and devices. All of this data can be sent to your smartphone, as well, so that way you always have access to it, and can adjust accordingly. Learn how your comment data is processed. But it's also cheaper - and has extras such as a dust sensor, smartphone app and spare battery. The PURE ONE S12 PLUS (Pro EX) has all the things above + an additional soft roller in the box. All Slide your finger or thumb in the groove towards the display for more power and away for less. The dustbin opens from the front and has a center cartridge that houses the pre-filter. When it comes to the filter that the S12 uses, there is a self-cleaning system that is exceptionally useful. Tineco has included some mounting hardware and drywall anchors, but use something appropriate for your situation. Best overall: PURE ONE S12 PLUS (Pro EX) Consumer Score . It's equipped with a 500W motor for up to 145W of suction power so it can handle messes on carpets, furniture, and hard floors for a full home cleaning. 🔐 Be the first to know 🔐 Home; Products. It will automatically adjust suction power based on real-time dust amount. It also disassembles easily to be able to get to any wrapped hair or threads that may start to affect performance which the big display should notify you of. Required fields are marked *. Get performance ratings and pricing on the Tineco Pure One S11 Tango EX vacuum cleaner. As you go to use it, the first thing you notice is the ergonomics. By comparison, the S12 is very tolerable and completely without the high-pitch whine that would usually drive me crazy. All of this information comes from the different sensors. The Tineco Pure One S12 Smart Vacuum Cleaner is not cheap, by any means, but if you want the best of the best, in terms of features and cleaning abilities, then the S12 is worth every penny. The wheels have an inline-skate quality to them, rolling well without the usual plastic sound that makes me wonder if a vacuum’s wheels are damaging the floors. Along with that, you will also understand the principles of Smart Technology, and the effects that they are having, when it comes to the other types of technology that are available to you. Stiff nylon bristles drive deep into the carpet to remove ground-in dirt. The Tineco PURE ONE S12 vacuum is great. The Tineco Pure One S12 cordless stick vacuum has a digital control display and auto-cleaning mode, just like Dyson's top-end V11 Absolute model. Right now, you can get the Tineco PureOne S12 Pro EX for $500 at Costco -- no membership required for purchase. Today, there is a greater focus on technologies that are known as “Smart Technologies”. Click to see on AmazonAvg. In the App, click on add a device, then on the vacuum, pull the trigger for 2 seconds to activate it, then remove the dustbin and press the wifi reset button. It uses the same connector at the bottom end which means you can connect the big accessories directly to the vacuum if you want to use it directly on a sofa or a mattress. As you grab the drill-driver type handle and trigger, it’s really easy to squeeze, pull and start it up. Retailing for $549, it might not be cheap but the price is justified thanks to its smart features, as well as … Tineco offers free shipping and 2 year warranty. Soft, anti-static carbon fiber filaments capture dust from hard floors and crevices. The Tineco App can keep track of your cleaning and generate real-time updates and report. And then, using Smart Technology, you can customize and adjust those different data points and individual processes so that you can suit your own needs and desires. Tineco Pure One S12 – Features (Overview) The unique Pure One S12 stick from Tineco is the first offering that they call their ‘Smart’ cordless vacuums. Runtime – ≤ 100 minutes with non-motorized tool attachments. Auto mode set it to low and we needed max to get to the dog hair in the corners. Also, this model allows adjusting suction power depending on your needs and includes some extra accessories. It features Tineco’s iLoop (TM) Smart Sensor Technology that senses hidden dust and dirt, optimizes suction, and maximizes runtime. Your email address will not be published. Rating Power/Max Suction – 500w/150w All of the attachments mount to the front of the vacuum with a keyed fitting and nice quick release button that makes swapping accessories very easy. The S12 kicks on in Auto mode by default and actively adjusts suction depending on what the main power brush detects. The main cleaner is a direct-drive LED multi-task power brush designed for general use on both carpets and hard floors. Tineco does sell an accessory bag, but there’s not a hanging spot on this mount for it either. It is top-heavy and that’s something my wife mentions every time she uses it. 2 removable batteries for even longer cleaning time. And, as this happens, the sensor is able to detect the amount of suction that is needed, in order to accommodate all of the dust that is going into the vacuum, and then, the vacuum adjusts the suction power that it is using in order to accommodate all of that, making the process significantly easier. Lots of white and black throughout peppered with a good deal of chrome and plenty of LEDs and a touch panel. But, with that being said, there are a couple of differences that the Tango EX … Download from Google Play or the App Store, launch and register for an account to get started. Find the best Tineco cordless vacuum cleaner and floor washer. I purchased one of these a few months back in June when the price dropped a little to $620 and it's been working great so far. Now’s your chance – It’s only $1.99 per month for one year! The overall build and aesthetic immediately feels more current tech and IOT than it does vacuum. The LED on the battery will show it’s connected. The only time we switched out of it was when cleaning the stairs around the stair treads with a crevice tool. One is on the bottom and that’s the battery location with the release switch being on the battery itself (shown here in left of photo). This vacuum feels more robust than previous Tineco cordless units and it certainly has its share of interesting features. The display itself is a central point of information and controls serving up info on battery level, error indicators, suction level, dust monitoring and wifi connection confirmation. Upgrade your PURE ONE S12 experience by connecting to the Tineco App. The multi-tasker power brush is the primary attachment we’ve been using. It’s possible that you’ll then be able to use your phone to scan barcode on the underside of the vacuum, but on my iPhone I had to jump out to the settings app and connect to the Tineco_xxxx network and then back to the app to enter my network information. It’s easy to maneuver, has a very reasonable volume level and has quick change attachments that work. Add a roofing project on top of that and now it’s just insult to injury. The Auto button is used to return to auto from manual mode. With the Tineco Pure One S12 Smart Vacuum Cleaner, several processes are completely automated, or that you are given the option to completely automate. And, the overall aesthetic and design reflects that, since the S12 uses simple colors, and a clean and sleek design to give off a sense of futurism, and this is then combined with the ergonomically pleasing design choices that Tineco made. Weighing just 6.6 pounds, the Tineco Pure One S12 is not, by any means, a heavy or bulky vacuum cleaner. CORDLESS VACUUMS. If you want to adjust the suction power manually, you can do that, too, using a little slider that is right by the LED display. Let’s return to battle of clean house versus cleaning house. ... A11 Master+ A11 Hero EX A11 Tango A11 Hero A10 Tango A10 Hero+ A10 Hero A10 Spartan A10 Dash. What makes this one different besides being cordless? Your email address will not be published. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. The S12 comes with several of the last, each suited to a particular job. customer reviews: 4.3 Read reviews . That’s when you notice the second big thing, or lack thereof; the volume. Tineco A11 Master+ Tineco PURE ONE S12 Comparison Articles Tineco A11 vs. Shark ION Tineco vs Dyson Stick Vacuums Conclusion. If you are vacuuming in the dark, then an LED light turns on, so that you can see in the dark, or within those tighter spaces. This website is supported by readers. Make sure to hang the caddy so that the two charging contacts at the front are at least x” from the floor or it’s possible that the floor attachment could keep the vacuum from docking correctly. This should need to be cleaned or replaced much less frequently than the pre-filter which is in direct contact with the vacuum’s intake. By the time you have finished reading this buying guide, you are going to have a very good and thorough understanding of what the Tineco Pure One S12 Smart Vacuum Cleaner offers, and whether or not this is the right vacuum cleaner for you. It works great on hardwood and equally well on carpets. Speaking of switches, right next to the trigger is a right-handed thumb switch with keeps the vacuum on without continually pressing the trigger. Tineco PureOne S12 Pro EX Vacuum Cleaner for $499.99. In some cases, as with things like Smart Thermostats, you can automate the heating and cooling to specific times of the day, which allows you to save money, and to have more direct control of when your home is nice and cool, or cozy and warm. You are going to learn all about the basic features of this vacuum cleaner, as well as the Smart Features that Tineco has given the S12, and what these features do and how they will affect your overall experience with the vacuum cleaner. The PURE ONE S12 PRO EX is a whole home cleaning powerhouse, featuring exclusive iLoopTM Smart Sensor technology that senses dirt, optimizes suction power and maximizes runtime up to 100 minutes. Our two dogs definitely create the lions share of our vacuuming needs as they both shed. Batteries – 2500mAh Tineco is a vacuum cleaner brand you might not be familiar with, but it’s making quite the debut with the Pure One S12 cordless vacuum, now available for the first time in the UK on Amazon. For a cordless vacuum, that is quite a bit, and you aren’t going to have any real issues vacuuming for a longer period, in a larger space. Emptying the dustbin is always a messy affair and while the S12 does have a pretty convenient button to release the bottom and dump it out, you’ll definitely want to be over your trashcan at a minimum and ideally inside it. This self-cleaning system cleans your filter immediately, which has the benefit of ensuring that the suction remains strong and consistent, throughout the vacuuming process. Each of these choices makes handling this vacuum cleaner almost effortless. The second is the main Hepa filter which releases the same way (shown on right above). To give a somewhat satisfactory answer, though, requires us to understand the nature of how technology has been developing, within the last few decades, and the types of features that are desirable. One is a beagle and the other a white Pyrenees/Lab mix whose hair doesn’t exactly hide on the dark woods. The dustbin is released via a lever in front of your middle fingers. Just behind the circular display is a round Auto button and a finger width scalloped recess. The Tineco Pure One S12 Smart Vacuum Cleaner is not cheap, by any means, but if you want the best of the best, in terms of features and cleaning abilities, then the S12 is worth every penny. Overall, it performed well in our cleaning tests, scoring 100% in 11 out of 12 tests. It lacks a soft roller tho. Smart battery management which lets you keep an eye on power levels. The main complaint there is you can’t stand it up and walk away and even leaning it is likely to have it crashing to the floor as the bottom swivel joint is nice and twisty. In this buying guide, we’re going to be taking an in-depth look at the Tineco Pure One S12 Smart Vacuum Cleaner. Once everything is charged, you’re ready to connect the app (yep, there’s an app). Avg. It also has implications to actual vacuuming, but more on that in a bit. One piece of key information that’s missing prior to purchase is that the wall mount is required for charging. Even the iLife robot-vac we have is annoyingly loud and takes forever. Our main floor is mostly dark hardwood with two area rugs, one sisal and one softer but equally low pile. Find products from Tineco with the lowest prices. Can changing the vacuum we use be the answer we need? Read … As for info, it displays a battery icon, battery percentage and wifi logo just above the center line. The main extension tube is the right height for standard vacuum lengths and works well for our 5’7″ to 6’3″ family. Compared to the S12 V, it lasts longer because of an additional battery. The Tineco PURE ONE S12 PLUS (Pro EX) has a display, two cleaning heads with LED lights: one for carpet, the other one for bare floor. Add two dogs to the mix and it becomes an exponential problem. WET DRY VACUUMS. Just below the centerline is the suction power level indicator shown in a segmented line from left to right (showing a very low power level of 4 in this photo). Show listings Show reviews . This is actually a touch sensor for manual mode. Here’s how that dustbin opens up. This display is one of the “Smart Technologies” that the S12 uses. Its HEPA filter removes up to 99.99% of microscopic dust particles as small as 0.1 microns, Shark Apex Duoclean vs. UpLight vs. Zero-M, Coway AP-0512NH vs. AP-1216L vs AP-1512HH, BLACK+DECKER BDT30WTA vs. BDT50WT vs. BDT70WT, Honeywell MM14CHCS Portable Air Conditioner, TaoTronics Tower Fan TT-TF001 vs. TT-TF002, Dolphin Nautilus vs. CC vs. CC Plus vs. CC Supreme, Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus vs. Dolphin Premier, Hayward W3SP1580 vs. W3SP2600X5 Pool Pump, Tineco A11 Hero vs Tineco A11 Master: Cordless Vacuum Cleaners, PURE CLEAN Smart Robot Vacuum Gyroscope Multiroom Review (Pucrc660), MOOSOO vs. Tineco: Stick Vacuum Comparison, Tineco A10 Hero+ Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner Review, Tineco PURE ONE S12 vs. Dyson V11 Stick Vacuums. You can also subscribe without commenting. Once your system is mounted, go ahead and hang the vacuum by inserting the top at an angle and then resting it into the cavity so the electrical contacts meet. However, that doesn’t mean vacuum cleaners are lacking in important data or processes that can be automated or simplified. As a bonus after registering my vacuum on the Tineco website, I received an email to receive a free accessory after writing a review so I got the free soft roller which I believe costs ~$100 separately. Lowest price found: $699.99. Find smart vacuum cleaner at However, the other aspect of Smart Technology is automation. Just below that is the Auto indicator confirming you’re in that mode. If you’re having trouble, check Tineco’s website for troubleshooting (and make sure you’re not on pre-release OS software as it could be the culprit). At $599, the Tineco Pure One S12 is certainly not a budget purchase. It has sped up my clean time and is helping us win the battle. Tineco Pure One S12 Plus . Whether you’re vacuuming on carpeting, hardwood floors, stone floors, or any other surface, this motor can accommodate that surface. So let’s discuss this display. Tineco is a manufacturer of vacuum cleaners, as well as various other products that are all part of the same general umbrella, and this is their newest vacuum cleaner. Tineco Pure One S12 Hands-on Review. Clean everywhere with Tineco PURE ONE S11 TANGO. The Pure One S12 is slender stick-type vacuum with a suite of smart features to help in your daily cleaning routine. PURE ONE S12 is loaded with smart suction optimization through iLoop sensor. Should they occur, the centerline to the left of the Tineco logo will present brush roller tangled, air channel blocked, and dust sensor defective icons to let you know there’s something that needs your attention. Don't subscribe Dyson's most powerful cleaner head ever. Our stairs are the same hardwood with independent sisal treads and the bedrooms are all medium pile carpets. Let’s find out. Now, the Tineco Pure One S12 Vacuum Cleaner is not a robotic vacuum, but there are many robot vacuums out there that use Smart Technology for things like customizing the schedule and different cleaning modes, which leads to the process of vacuuming being automated and, as a result, leads to you being able to focus your time and energy on other things. As I move from hardwood to carpet that change is audible and it’s nice not to have to flick a switch or step on a button to make the change.

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